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Small Group Benefits

If you have a small business and have anywhere from 2-50 employees it is in your best interest to look into a group health insurance plan.


Small business health insurance plans vary, however underwriting takes into consideration the status of the entire group of employees and dependents that need to be insured. In some cases, plan costs are lower than similar benefits for individual coverage.

Types of Small Group health plans we offer include the following:

  • Traditional Indemnity – You may see any participating provider.

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – You should see a Preferred Provider to get maximum benefit from the plan.

  • Return of Premium Policy Plan designed to return a portion of unused premium back to business.

  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – These plans are high deductible plans suited for healthier individuals/families and offer the most tax efficient strategies to pay for out of pocket medical, dental and vision costs. HSA plans are typically PPO plans.

  • HMO – Health Maintenance Organizations


If you already have a plan in place but would like to review your options or get a competitive quote from other carriers, please complete this form then contact me.

Types of Plans

Business/Group Insurance Products

We specialize in offering competitive employee benefits plans to Washington employers with groups up to 100 employees. We represent many of the major carriers in the state. We can help you balance your desire to provide your employees the coverage and protection of a comprehensive benefits package while keeping your costs at a manageable level. Benefits packages can include health insurance, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage. Voluntary benefits can also be offered to complete your benefits package without adding to your bottom line.

Compliance • Employee Enrollment • Benefits Package Review

Benefits packages are one of the top investment's businesses make in their employees. Good medical, dental and vision plans can help businesses recruit and retain the best talent. We are specifically trained to help businesses find the best-suited benefits packages, manage enrollment and stay compliant with state healthcare regulations. Employer Sponsored Plans come with loads of provisions, so we help clients stay on top of which plans make the most sense.

Our role is to be your adviser and educator. We help you select the best plan and learn how to administer it with ease. Our services are free of charge; the improved benefits and cost savings can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Annual Benefits Package Review

Businesses grow, merge, downsize and change in many ways. The benefits plan you offered when your company first started might not be the best fit for you today. We will annually review and guide our clients towards plans that provide value, stability and room for long-term growth. From an administrative and financial standpoint, it is not wise to constantly switch providers and plans, so an informed decision up front can result in years of client and employee satisfaction.

During Open Enrollment, Financial Designs can provide notices to employees and help each person review their policies. If plan changes make sense, we can manage the paperwork. Year-round, as employees join or depart the company, we can assist with plan enrollment and termination.

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