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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (formerly known as Medicare + Choice) is a term for managed care plans offered through Medicare, and is an alternative to Original Medicare (Parts A and B) to cover medical expenses. Starting this fall, many Medicare Advantage plans will offer a Prescription Drug benefit as part of the overall plan. Senior Educators can help you Select a Medicare Advantage Plan that fits your needs.

About Medicare Advantage Plans

In Medicare Advantage plans, the government contracts with private insurance companies to add Medicare beneficiaries to the rolls of those covered under the insurance company’s plan. Payments to the plan are from Medicare (diverting the Part B premium payments), and potentially from the enrollee if the plan costs more than the Part B premium. Enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans are still part of Medicare.


County and Regional Medicare Advantage Plans

Not every Medicare Advantage plan is available in every county, and not every plan is right for every person. However, these plans are growing in popularity and availability, making them a very strong option for most people.


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